Jorge O. Bühler-Vidal studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Buenos Aires, received a BA degree in Physics at Macalester College and a Master in Mechanical Engineering at the Catholic University of America. He joined Union Carbide in 1976, and was at the Bound Brook laboratories from 1978 to 2001, where he had responsibility for a diverse range of technologies associated with the UNIPOL polyethylene and polypropylene processes. He specialized in PE and PP, pelleting and compounding and in LLDPE and HDPE film products.

Within Union Carbide and later Univation Technologies, the licensor of the UNIPOL PE and PP Process technology, he was a Licensing Product Technology Manager with responsibility for Latin America and portions of Asia-Pacific. He was also the Team Leader in charge of providing product and marketing support to the global licensing activities of Univation Technologies.

He is currently Director of Polyolefins Consulting, L.L.C., which provides market, product and process technology selection consulting to the polyolefins industry, from producers to extruders, converters and transformers. Clients are olefins producers, polyolefins producers, polyethylene and polypropylene extruders, transformers and converters, international organizations and professional and trade associations.


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